Trent is now a high school graduate. The party is over, and he’s onto the next phase of his life. He has enlisted in the National Guard. I am not ok with this, but its his choice. He will be home for then next 3 months working at Speedway, then will leave for Basic and AIT school for the next 5 months and 6 days. I wanted to go with a pig roast for his grad party and use the Famous Smoke Shop, but time just ran out, so we went with sandwiches and potato salad. I still feel like he was short changed with the party with everything that has been going on lately.

My baby boy
 photo c6aea1cc-141d-4308-84b6-2543643677e8_zpsf451c771.jpg

Trent and his best bud Billy
 photo d3b1f613-dfba-4ab2-9019-fb6e6eeddbe4_zps38f12cbc.jpg

All of us
 photo 02b6646c-931e-4291-80d4-0bb0632db30d_zps121446c5.jpg

Trent and 3 of his good friends (Dom, Billy and Bret)
 photo 80a042bd-9b06-41d3-846e-83945d6e824a_zps284a94b3.jpg

My boys
 photo e8671629-1ee7-4c78-a4a4-a48809762a45_zps96550d35.jpg

Party decor
 photo 164b9d81-9c31-44f6-959e-e0f0fe24ea1d_zps93aee4e6.jpg

Trent with his cake
 photo 263197b5-70d2-4902-92ea-1b7959fb4b7c_zps9ab9c56a.jpg


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